Technical & Academic Writing

Blogging - Reach 10 guest blogger | Wrote several pieces to assist in the launch of Reach 10's blog. 

Senior Thesis - Developing a Blog for a Non-Profit Organization in the Anti-Pornography Industry | Completed 43 page thesis in December 2016. 

Blogging - To Anyone Who Has Experienced Loss | Mormon Channel was rolling out their more personalized style of blogging and used me as a guinea pig. 

Persuasive Academic Writing - The Objective of Life by Aristotle | Select one of Aristotle's writings and argue for or against his position. 

Website Page Content - Dr. Hannah Vu | Write 45 pages of medical/procedural content for Dr. Hannah Vu's practice website. 

Philosophy - Transhuman Life and Sound | For an upper division philosophy class (Singularity and the Human): Create an artistic project that depicts an aspect of the singularity, and accompany it with a written narrative explaining your work. Creative project below:

Presentations and Speeches

Impact Leadership Training - How to generate ideas for your blog | Lead a workshop on how to generate ideas for blog content based on what you know of your audience. 

Booth/Workshop presentation - How to Talk about Pornography in Dating | Lead role play workshop with attendees of 1st annual Make Your Mark Festival put on by Reach 10. 

Formal Speech - Avoiding Pornography | Alpine Tabernacle for 1300 Young Sing Adults | 2013

Creative Writing

Song Writing - 4/5 original songs featured on the Aspartame Sunshine EP

Short Story - 19 Years | Select a passage from another writer's work and weave it into your own autobiographical piece.