Dr. Doyel, Owner of Pacific Family Dentistry

"Austi is great to work with. She has gone out of her way to cater to our needs. Great attention to detail."

— Nathan Doyel, Dentist, Pacific Family Dental | March 2015



Jenny, Marketing Director of Utah Facial Plastics

"I have worked with Austi Stenson for a number of years and have found her to be incredibly knowledgeable and efficient in meeting our website design and marketing needs. She is quick to reply to my questions and foresee online marketing needs that will benefit our practice. She listens well and understands our goals. I would strong recommend Austi for any position in project management and digital marketing."

—  Jenny Yergensen, Marketing Manager, Utah Facial Plastics | June 2015


Dr. Kayastha, Owner of K Plastic Surgery

"She responds to my queries in a timely fashion and makes sure that content and photo updates get done quickly. She has been a most pleasant person to work with. She is more than competent, polite, and professional."

—  Sanjiv Kayastha, MD, K Plastic Surgery | October 2014


Angela, Owner of Shine Bright

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Austi. I went into the first meeting a little apprehensive as to what was not only going to be expected of me, but how much information, time and money I would have to provide in order to get this ball rolling. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly Austi caught on to my vision of what I wanted for my business, as well as understanding my strengths and my limitations as the owner. In a very non intimidating or condescending way- she was able to quickly explain, teach and create, what I hope to be, the beginning steps of a flourishing business. I would recommend Austi to ANY start up company, no matter the nature of your business. She will save you time, money and a whole lot of work. What else could a start up company ask for? Thanks Austi.”

— Angela Redding, President of Shine Bright | August 2015


Geoff, Owner of Loud Cufflinks

“Austi Stenson is a real asset to my business… She is the type of human capital business owners dream of: extremely detail-oriented bordering on OCD (in a good way), diligent, hard-working, creative, industrious, eager to please, punctual, a worker of high quality results. I can’t really recommend her for any jobs though, because that would mean losing her, which I don’t want to do.”

— Geoff Scott, Owner | October 2015

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Cristy, Owner of Troop

If I was given an assignment/task/job and could only choose one other person to work with to accomplish it; at the top of my list would be Austi Stenson. She is humble yet confident, kind yet direct, inventive yet practical. She's a doer and a thinker and has a gift of being able to read the complexity of a problem and break it down to achievable tasks while also being able use her superior social skills to solicit any aid. It is rare in this world to find a personable thinker and you have one with Austi Stenson.

—  Cristy Henshaw, Partner, Troop | December 2015


Dr. Ho, Dentist with Welch Dental Group

"Our practice found Austi to be invaluable during the design and implementation of our website. More importantly, the customer service she provides gives me confidence she will be around if and when needed."

— Duc "Duke" Ho, DDS, Welch Dental Group | September 2014


Chelsea, CEO of Troop

"Austi is a life-saver! My company wasn't progressing the way I wanted and I was an exhausted entrepreneur who was stressed and feeling frustrated. Austi came on board, sought to understand my company's goals, sought to understand my needs as the business owner, was a self starter, and helped me restore my passion, vision, and energy. Austi was crucial to my company's turnaround, and to this day is on my short list of trusted, do-what-they-promise consultants."

— Chelsea Rippy, CEO | May 30, 2017


Colt West with Crane West Web Management

“My experience working with Austi has been fantastic. Reports are generated in a timely manner and my questions are answered thoroughly.”

— Colt West, Web Manager | August 2014


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