Digital Marketing Consulting Experience - Starter Consultant

Where did the term “Starter Consultant” come from?

We’ve all heard of a “starter home”, right? A starter home is not your long-term dream home, it may not be the largest home on the block, or have a three car garage, but it is YOURS, and you will look back on that home with fond memories for the rest of your life. A starter home is a reliable milestone on the way to your “dream home”. I want to be your “Starter Consultant”, a consultant on whom you can look back on fondly, and feel comfortable revisiting from time to time.

Why choose Austi your business consultant?

Digital marketing changes every day, so it would be unreasonable to expect a business owner to keep track of the seemingly neurotic changes in the digital marketing industry on top of everything else they are doing for their own company. I have also talked with countless clients who have been burned by previous agencies and passed from one account manager to the next. This pattern is all too common, and could potentially be avoided with the help from a friendly insider. That is where I come in!

I have studied digital marketing since 2011 and have consulted hundreds of small business owners, such as yourself, on their digital presence. My goal is to be your FIRST stop on the consulting continuum, your “starter” consultant.

Don’t want to get burned again?

You will inevitably grow to the point where you will want to do more outsourcing of your marketing efforts, and eventually look into an agency model, but for those business owners who have either been burned by agencies in the past, or who have yet to enter the agency arena I would like to offer you a trustworthy source of information, and skill to allow you to make educated decisions on your own.

Where has Austi consulted?

I have consulted nation-wide and internationally, as much of my work can be done remotely form my Salt Lake City office. I have been blessed to work with clients from Manhattan to Portland, and from England to Australia.