Social Media Marketing - Case Study

Increase Facebook Engagment Project Details

Troop ( believes that every woman deserves well-being, but that well-being is different for every woman. So, Troop provides a unique platform which allows you to:

  1. Set a Goal
  2. Build a community of Support
  3. Track Your Progress
  4. Receive the Reward

The Campaign Objective

Strengthen brand recognition over Facebook. The company had recently launched and done very little via social media to establish their brand. People did not know who they were or what they were about.

The Campaign Strategy

By increasing the frequency and quality of posting we (myself and a small team) aimed to improve overall brand voice on Facebook, and overall engagement.

  • Increase post frequency: daily
  • Strengthen brand message: posts should span a wider breadth of topics that relate to the Troop brand, not so narrow
  • Target one area: for one week blast social channel with content specific to the challenge hub

The Numbers

  • Beginning Likes: 493
  • Goal Likes: 592
  • Ending Likes: 594

The Results

  • Although increasing likes was not our main objective, we were able to see a 20%increase in the overall page likes during a 4 week campaign.
  • Overall engagement and reach saw significant improvement as shown in the graph below, and many other graphs like it.

The Above Graph Explained

June 03 – July 1

  • Troop was managing their own page
  • Little-to-no engagement

July 03

  • You see large peak caused by Troop posting a fantastic piece of content that received record organic engagement
  • The content was both different than anything they had posted in the past, and asked for engagement specifically

July 07

  • Troop BOOSTED a post in an attempt to both capitalize on the momentum received from the 7/3 post and to help with overall post engagement
  • The boost clearly paid off in terms of overall engagement, was was also a paid boost

July 10 – August 6

  • My team’s campaign starts
  • Notice overall trending was stronger during July and August (where we were managing) vs. June (where Troop was managing)
  • Even over the 3 day lull towards the end of July, if you look at the numbers it shows those e days had more engagement than all of June combined
  • Both the good and the bad times help to teach you about your audience. With that in mind, we were able to identify a few key principles from that 7/3 peak post that helped us to improve overall post engagement from Troop followers, and if we were to continue on I would look at that 3 day lull to extract additional principles for how to move Troop forward in the future

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