Create Sustainable Social Media Marketing Strategy - Studypool

Overview of Brand and Audience Objectives

  • Studypool wants a "cool vibe" that is relevant to the college-aged demographic.
  • They are currently developing an app (really it's a Version 2 of an existing app) that will be targeted more towards the more simple/quick questions for tutors. They would like help strategizing how to launch this app, as well as how their marketing should change to market the website vs. the app.


Studypool wants to be the academic tutoring platform of choice. They want to be top of mind, and the brand you think of when you need online tutoring.

Studypool Current Social Media Strategy


Likes: 29,800

Followers: 3664

Competitive Audit

Strategy Outline

Overall Recommendations

  1. Update the Facebook cover photo to include human faces. It could even be a split screen of your step process, and a human/actual user on the other side. Research has shown that faces tend to increase engagement.
  2. We would be interested in hearing more about your brand's personality, as it appears to be a bit more serious than we would have expected a college-age brand would be. But if your brand is more serious in nature, then we would like to embrace and accentuate that during the content creation.

Content Calendar

Click the following link ot download a PDF version of Studypool's strategy and content calendar.

Recap of Goals & Strategy

  • Strengthen overall relevance of the brand by adjusting the “voice” of the content
  • Facilitate increased engagement by diversifying the content we publish
  • Increase overall following by moving into Instagram platform and using strategic hashtags to target specific and new audiences
  • Engage current and build new audience prior to app launch