Increase App Downloads - Giftry

Social Media Marketing Client

Giftry aims to make gift giving simple: "the perfect gift every time." This free app allows you to give and receive gifts you love by sharing your Giftries with family and friends. With the app available on Android and iOS, and with the holiday season approaching, Giftry wanted to increase app downloads and increase awareness of their product in order to make the most of this shopper-centered-season.

App Download Strategy

We would create a contest where we encourage followers to share specific Facebook posts with their friends, as well as download the app in an attempt to increase both awareness and app downloads.

Our contest would run for one week, and offer up to a $50 gift out of the winner's giftry.

We would further increased the number of posts going out on the Giftry Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram platforms, as most of these accounts had been dormant for quite some time.


Our first contest was very successful, reaching over 2.2K people, compared to their prior record high of 426 people reached organically. We likewise had 76 people click on the post and 93 people engage. These stats were much higher organic results than anything Giftry had seen before.

We decided to test a second contest, with similar rules, but extend the contest to two weeks in order to test weather or not the extended deadline would increase the engagement or burn them out. The second contest still performed well, but did not do nearly as well as the first. From this we learned that if we were to move forward marketing for Giftry we would want to select a different tactic, perhaps paid Facebook ads.