"Help, I'm New to This!" - Indie Illustrator

The Backstory

Sara is a life-long artist with a passion for animals. In fact, Sara recently completed writing and illustrating a children’s book that features none other than a dog as the main character, which she hopes to publish shortly. She decided to meld the two passions of art and animals into one large project – Sara Lynn Studios, an illustration company focused on pet portraits and animal illustrations.

Sara is much more than a rainy-day artist, but wanted to figure out how she could make more money doing what she loved. She had been told by several people that she needed a website, she needed to get on social media, etc., etc. but she didn’t quite know where to start.


The Artist behind Sara Lynn Studios

“I just published my website…Shout out to Austi Stenson who is helping me set it up. She’s awesome! I highly recommend her.”

— Sara Lynn, Artist & Illustrator | August 2015


Project Details

Sara managed to purchase web hosting through Godaddy and started to build her own portfolio using the Godaddy web builder when she and I started chatting. She said she was a bit confused as to how to use the builder, and had a few more questions about hosting and hashtags.

Sara and I met one afternoon in her home where I walked her through adding content to her website, gave a brief explanation of what types of things she should be considering as she adds content to her site, explained how to use hashtags on Instagram and answered a few other questions she had.