You have stumbled into the creative portfolio of yours truly, Austi Stenson, a digital marketing specialist with a wildly creative side. This site is intended to be nothing more than a collection of creative and professional projects, brainstorming, and blogging. 

I've spent the better part of my professional career in the digital marketing realm. Various roles afforded me first-hand experience with web design, web development, social media marketing, blogging, content creation, and local search optimization. For many years I consulted clients daily regarding how to better enhance their overall brand and visibility online, and saw great results for many of my clients!

Eventually I decided to attend LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, where I studied in one of the nation's first Social Media Marketing programs. We worked on real projects, for real companies, in real time. You will find a number of those projects featured on this site, along with a number of additional professional projects I've done since that time. 

So why the website, you ask? I am passionate about continually learning and creating new things. This site is simply the accumulation of such things. I built this site for no one but myself, but since you are here I hope you enjoy!