Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson

Review of Crucial Conversations

Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson falls in line with many of the other communication themed books I've read. The case study style of writing is effective in that you can often related to the characters and situations being discussed, but it also runs the risk of being redundant...and that's kind of how this one felt to me. 

Interestingly enough the final chapter of the book has each of the authors tell a bit about themselves and what inspired them to write this book. One of the authors said that he gets positive feedback from people all the time saying "Crucial Conversations has saved my life!" But when the author asks the reader about their favorite part they admit they have really only gotten through the first chapter of the book, and then stopped. That's exactly how I felt. The concepts in this book get a 10/10, but it almost felt like the authors could have taught me just as much, in half as many pages. 

The book is digestible, so if you are new to communication literature then I would say this book is worth your time. If you are well read in the filed of communications, then I'd say read the first chapter and move on. 

What is a crucial conversation? 

A conversation is "Crucial" when: 

  1. "Stakes are high
  2. Opinions vary
  3. Emotions run strong and the outcome greatly impacts (the participants) lives"