Trying New Things

Culturally I get a lot of criticism and pity for being single. However, what people don't realize is that when you are single you have much more time to truly think about life and actively seek to improve your current circumstance and character. 

I have been a life-long progressor, someone who loves improvement. I am really never satisfied with status quo. But a few years back I decided to have a "year of firsts". A year where I purposely do things I have never done before. The purpose was to break my own mold, and reinvent myself....just because I could. 

So, I tried all sorts of new things: Building a proper fire, sky diving, eating a cream filled doughnut, etc. But my personal fave....waxing a man's chest....


In this continual pursuit of progress I have recently left my job (of 3+ years) and have decided to go to a local business college to further my education, and strengthen my intellect.