Aspirating Artist

I go through creative stages...

First it was drawing. Then poetry. Painting. Building. Decorating. Back to poetry. Then on to song writing, and guitar playing. Doodling. All are just forms of expression. (Expression is what introverts do when they are by themselves, thinking about the world and their place in it...which is pretty much all the time).

So, what stage was most surprising?....FREE STYLE RAPPING! 

The Story:

I was at ward prayer one night, and the Bishop asked: "So, what do you do to relieve stress?"

I politely raised my hand, and in the most genuinely naive voice I could produce I replied, "I freestyle rap in the bathroom mirror." Naturally everyone laughed, because they thought I was being sarcastic - which is true the other 98% of the time. But seriously, I do freestyle weekly. Then someone had the audacity to say "Keep your day job!" It was faint, but I have the ears of an introvert...

So the next day I wrote a little retaliation, and the following day I delivered it to the perp. He ate his words:)