Accountable - I seek to understand and exceed expectations, but am willing to admit defeat. 

Unafraid- I'm not afraid to say, ask, or create something that no one has thought to say, ask or create before. 

Successful - I set goals, make plans, and work my tail off. 

Thorough - Quality is in the details. 

Innovative - If there is a better way of doing something, I will find it! 



Authentic - There is a reason that "honesty" and "Austi" sound so similar.

Uncommon - Having a unique name has given me a special kind of confidence to be different. 

Sincere - I may not call you every night to check in, but I'm there for a friend. 

Thoughtful - No two people are the same; I try to remember that in conversations. 

Impulsive - Humor is for the brave.



Artistic - Life is a creation. 

Unified - I understand my personal brand (morals, values, etc.) and try to live it completely.

Simple - Less is more.  

Trustworthy - I trust my instincts, because I trust my creator. 

Imaginative - I love to close my eyes and envision what good things are to come.